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Maths is a tricky subject for many students, however, it is one of the most important subjects. Maths is a required subject for many University degrees and therefore it is important that children understand and achieve good grades for Maths during school. 

Our Maths tutors are specialised and we ensure that only the best tutors work with our students. Our aim is to provide your child with all the help necessary to improve their knowledge and understanding of the subject. We encourage students to bring up the topics and questions that they need help with in order for the tutor to assist them, we also make use of a wide range of practice material such as the online platform My Top Dog and past exam papers.


For us to assist you and find the perfect Maths tutor for your child, please complete the following:

The Benefits of Having a Tick Tock Tutor: 

Google Classroom

You will receive a Google Class Code specific to your child. Below are three of the top reasons why we use Google Classroom.

1. You have 24 hour access to everything on Google Classroom.

2. It provides you with real-time feedback on all work covered in your child's tutoring lesson. This way you know exactly what has been done after every lesson.

3. It allows tutors to share extra study materials and Past Papers with you and your child.



We incorporate technology into the lessons, which increases the efficiency and productivity of teaching and learning. 

MyTopDog is one of the online tools we incorporate into the lessons. It provides personalised and powerful learning experiences for learners in grades 4 to 12.

The learning content has been designed to supplement and support all major subjects in the public and private school curricula (CAPS, NSC & IEB).

For more information on My Top Dog visit:

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