We are an affiliated Tutor Centre of Impaq & CambriLearn. Read below to find out more.


Impaq provides a comprehensive set of educational products based on a CAPS aligned curriculum for Grades R – 12 in English and Afrikaans.

Their curriculum and related solutions are designed to enable individualised learning and are used to educate learners at home.

CambriLearn has the following mission:

Prepare students for their British syllabus International GCSE and AS/A levels. Provide an online platform that allows each student to personalise their learning experience. Provide academic support for students already enrolled at a British syllabus school.



We are a registered Tutor Centre which means we only provide one-on-one tutoring lessons for areas that your child is struggling with. We are not a homeschooling centre and we therefore charge our own tutoring rates. 

For your Homeschooling enquiries you can contact us.




  1. FLEXIBILITY - Homeschooling frees up a lot more time, there are no school hours or terms that you need to stick to.

  2. NO SCHOOL RUNS - This means bedtimes and get-up times to suit you and your child.

  3. CHILD-LED LEARNING - Work can be done at your child’s pace, rather than the child having to go at the class’s pace.

  4. WRITE YOUR OWN TIMETABLE - Your child can work out their own timetable. They can study any time during the day that will suite them.

  5. BENEFITS OF ONE-ON-ONE - This allows your child to stay focused without all the noisy distractions of a classroom.

  6. INTERACTIVE - Children are far less afraid to ask a parent about anything they don’t understand, than putting a hand up in front of a whole classroom.

  7. BOOSTS CONFIDENCE - If your child really struggles with certain subjects you can structure their learning accordingly, which helps to boost their confidence. 

  8. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - If you start off with home education, you can return your child into the school system later on.

  9. LEGAL NICETIES - There is no legal imperative to send your child to school in this country, but you do need to provide an education for your child.

  10. SUPPORT NETWORK - There is a lot of help available for homeschooling students, such as Tutor Centres or online support.



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