The importance of Midline Crossing & activities for kids.



The importance of midline crossing for children as well as the top exercises to encourage and practice midline crossing. 










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What is Midline Crossing?

Crossing the Midline refers to the ability to reach across the middle of the body with the arms and legs crossing over to the opposite side.


Why is Midline Crossing important? 

Being able to cross the midline (an imaginary line down the centre of the body) is an important developmental skill. It is needed for reading and writing, for being able to reach toward your foot to put on a shoe and sock with both hands, for participating in many sports and many other day to day activities. Children who have difficulty reaching across their middle may actually get stuck in mid-reach and have to switch hands. Or they may compensate by turning their trunk to reach toward the opposite side. Poor midline crossing also makes it difficult to visually track a moving object from one side to the other or to fully track from left to right when reading.  


Child doing a midline crossing exercise








Midline Crossing Activities

This infographic is downloadable. Share it with your friends and family. 


Midline Crossing Activities














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