The future of coding & Winter Coding Camps



The growing importance for children to learn about coding and fun holiday coding courses that your child can join. 



Parents of Preschool and Primary School children



1 Minute


3 Minutes


Why is coding important? 

If we want to set our children up for academic success, every child should learn to code. Coding for kids not only helps improve their mathematics and writing skills but also gives them valuable skills in life and eventually in the workforce.

To read about 8 reasons why coding is important for kids to learn, click here.







Coding Camps for your child to join this Winter Holiday.

Think Camp offers age-appropriate coding courses for kids and teens. Think Camp is a stimulating boot camp for intrigued minds, with a desire to learn to code and master the fascinating world of Technology. More importantly, it equips them with necessary tech skills making waves in the modern world.

Explore Think Camp’s Coding, Robotics, App Development, Minecraft Engineering & Game Design courses these school holidays.


Winter Holiday Coding Courses


Bryanston & Parkview – Johannesburg


Drop off: 7.30 – 8am(flexible)
Pick up: Parents invited to show &  tell session at 3pm daily to see the awesome work done throughout the day


Carefully designed, coding and technology day-courses that incorporate thinking skills, collaborative teamwork, project management, social networking and a good balance between off-screen and on-screen activities. A certificate is rewarded at the end of the course.


These are the different 1 and 2-day courses being offered to the following grades:

Gr 2-4 Codebot Nano: Coding Adventures with Cozmo
Gr 2-5 Gameslab: Coding & Game Design in Scratch 
Gr 2-5 Makecraft: Engineering & Redstone Construction in Minecraft
Gr 3-6  Playcraft: Game & Level Design in Minecraft
Gr 4-7 Codecraft: Coding & Mod Creation in Minecraft
Gr 4-7 Codebot: Robot Coding & logic with Cozmo
Gr 6-9 Gamemaker: Videogame Development with Construct 2
Gr 6-9 Mobile App Development with MIT App Inventor

For more information on these, you can visit the following websites: 


Think Camp 


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