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Tips on understanding accounting better, how to find an Accounting Tutor and getting the most out of your child’s Accounting tutoring lesson.




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Accounting as a school subject

Accounting is a very technical subject, it is logical, and it requires reasoning. It is an important subject as it provides a theoretical and practical background for a career in commerce and business.

Accounting Calculator and Exercise


Does your child need Accounting help? Here are some tips on how to learn Accounting.

(Share these practical tips with your child to help them understand the basic principles of Accounting better.)


  1. Read your textbook carefully to understand "WHY."

Strive to be able to say, "I understand why we do this." If you can understand "WHY" in accounting, there is very little to memorise. Try to explain every new topic in your own words. Through putting these new ideas into your own words you will learn much faster than just reciting the same words of the text a hundred times.


  1. Do worked examples and problems to understand "HOW."

Even though you understand "why we do this", you must be able to apply what you have learnt. To be sure that you understand "how" as well as "why," do the worked examples that are shown with the reading material. Don't copy the book, test your own skills and then check your answers. MyTopDog is a great online platform that can be used as a revision and practice tool.


  1. Remember "why" and "how.

Go back to previous chapters and notes to refresh your memory. Rework problems that were difficult for you and try to do extra problems that are similar to the assigned homework. Never wait until examination time to review your Accounting work.


The benefits of having an Accounting Tutor.

An Accounting Tutor can help build your child’s confidence by explaining difficult concepts and clearing up any confusion your child may have. To succeed a student requires a very solid foundation of basic accounting knowledge, and an Accounting Tutor can help solidify your child’s basic knowledge thereby improving their understanding of accounting terms and concepts.

If your child is struggling at school and is feeling demotivated the best thing to do is to find an Accounting Tutor who can help turn things around.


Finding an Accounting Tutor for your child.

If you are in the Johannesburg South area, click here to contact us and we will assist you in finding the perfect Accounting Tutor. 


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